Bulgarian Association for Philosophy with Children

The BAPC is founded in 1996 as non profit organization. Members of the Association are University professors, philosophy teachers and other people challenged by the possibility for philosophical adventures with children.

Bulgarian Association for Philosophy with Children:

  • develops new projects which to integrate the efforts of specialists from different domains - ecological ethic, bio ethic, communicative competency, intercultural collaboration - to name but a few.
  • organize training for teachers on the different methods of Philosophy with Children
  • organize camps for 5-14 years children with Philosophy with Children activities
  • is open for collaboration and cooperation

The chairman of the Association is Assoc.Prof.PhD Aneta Karageorgieva, from the Philosophy Faculty of Sofia University. Her professional interests are in the domain of Theory of knowledge. Executive Director is Ms Evelina Ivanova-Vardjiyska, teacher of philosophy, with specialization Philosophy with children in Graz, Austria and Hamburg, Germany.

For more information, your opinion, new ideas or your feedback please contact us!

  • e-mail: e.ivanova@eudoramail.com
  • address: София 1113, ул."Н.Коперник", бл.153, ап.7
  • тел: (+359 2) 71-83-50

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София 1113, ул."Н.Коперник", бл.153, ап.7; тел: (02) 71-83-50; e-mail: e.ivanova@eudoramail.com